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Michele's Favorites


Shrimp Scampi

This is a family favorite during the holidays. It's Michele's go to for Christmas. Something about old school shrimp scampi really warms the house during the season of joy. It's a quick delicious meal that will have everyone craving for me!



Every Italian family has a certain way they make their lasagna. Michele's way is unmatched. This meal will fill your belly and have your home smelling delicious for days. This is such a great recipe for beginner cooks always wanting to make a lasagna. Super simple!


Rigatoni Bolognese

You can get this out at a restaurant, but it will never taste as good as it is when it is homemade! Holidays, birthdays, any family gathering Michele's family will always request this dish. It screams Italian heritage and Michele has perfected it to a T. She learned how to make it from her grandfather and always holds this recipe dear to her heart.


with garlic & oil

This recipe is probably the easiest in this cookbook! Running around with the kids? Throw some spaghetti in a pot with oil garlic and parmesan cheese and you're done!! Super convenient for the working parent or new cook that doesn't want to eat out. 

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